Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, Hello Kitty!

Seems like we have a new family member now. She chose us. A few days ago I was making my morning tea when I heard a persistent "meow". I looked out the frozen window and saw this kitten. Next to the meowing kitten was one of our dog's empty food bowl. I knew right away that Dave must have also heard the kitty, and then fed it. Uh oh... Long story short, since the local pet rescue is no longer accepting cats, and since this little girl is SO friendly, we're going to keep her. But she's an outside cat since I'm allergic. We'll do our best to keep you warm this winter, little Macy.

This drawing I had already inked so it doesn't look like the kitten we have. I colored the illustration today. Below is the real kitty.

Update: All three versions are available at my online shop, The Digi Street. Click the image and it will take you there.

This is the vector version without the texture.

This is the inked version.


  1. Aw such a cute little kitty, so nice of you to adopt her :) Lovely illustration, both color versions look great, it's hard to chose. But I think the version with texture rocks!

  2. Thanks Katie. She's such a sweet kitten. I was never a cat person but in one day all that has changed. Everything happens for a reason. And thanks for commenting on my art. It really means a lot to me. I'm partial to the textured one too. It's funny because my partner, Dave, really likes the non-texured one. Oh well, everyone has their own tastes.

  3. So cute..yes, so nice of you to adopt her. I saved two kittens myself and found good homes for them. I will be emailing you with a questions.

  4. Thanks Cely! I got your email and sent you the image!

  5. Very cute kitty you have! I'm a dog person, but I still think cats are cute.

  6. I'm a dog person too, especially because of my cat allergies but also because I've only had mean experiences with cats. Then this little kitten walked into my life and changed everything. I still have the allergies but she's sweet. I've heard some cats have dog personalities. This one isn't that extreme but she loves me so, I'm happy with that. =)

  7. Bless you for taking her in. She is such a pretty cat!


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