Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Digi-Patches are Here!

My realistic looking digital patches are now downloadable at my shop The Digi Street! High resolution (300dpi), of course. These aren't photos or scans of patches, rather, they are original art I created to look like patches. These are the few I have available right now but stay tuned because I have many more to come! Click on the individual patch to take you to that product in the shop or browse all patches here! BROWSE ALL PATCHES

digi stamp camper patchDigi Stamp Peace SignDigi Stamp Lips Patches

Digi Stamp Patches BoatingDigi Stamps Patches CampfireDigi Stamps Patches Fishing

Digi Stamps Patches GamesDigi Stamps Patches GolfDigi Stamp Patches Swimming

Digi Stamps Patches HikingDigi Stamps Patches WreathDigi Stamps Patches Wreath

Digi Stamps Patches Halloween


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